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Just a few of the books I can’t bear to part with. All of them second-hand and hardback, all of them copies of stories I would want to pass down to someone one day. The Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales (11 dollars) even comes with coloured plates- I think it was printed seventy years ago. The copy of Charles Dickens was bought at 8 dollars. Eight. We already have a copy of Anne of Green Gables at home, but when I saw this at the bookshop I couldn’t leave it. Ten dollars.

My favourite, though, has to be that copy of The Wind in The Willows. The illustrations dshjlgdf. Also the paper it’s printed on is thick, and it’s in perfect condition. 18 dollars. I am greatly puzzled, for who in their right minds would throw these out? But, their loss is my gain. In a weird way, I guess I’m grateful to them.

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